How to Become a Park Ranger in Wisconsin

Are you seeking to find out more about the degree requirements and training of Wisconsin park rangers so that you can progress your career? You have arrived at the correct location.

Wisconsin provides much chance for the employment of park rangers with its 66 wildlife and recreation areas covering more than 150 square miles. Annually over 14 million visitors love these places in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Park Ranger Job Duties

  • Law enforcement patrols on water and land
  • Injury and fire investigation
  • Court policeman responsibilities
  • Supplying visitor information
  • Park development and upkeep

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Wisconsin Park Ranger Requirements

Wisconsin Park Ranger Education

Minimal Conditions

To be a park ranger in Wisconsin, one needs a certificate and a college degree as a law enforcement officer. Keep the following in mind:

  • A legal driver’s license

Candidates are given preference when they possess the following, besides meeting the minimal park ranger conditions:

  • Biology
  • Wildlife Management

Expertise from interning, volunteering, or working within one or more of the following environments is highly beneficial:

  • Nature center
  • Outdoor education center
  • State woods and parks
  • National woods and parks

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Having a four-year degree in one of the following areas will add enhance a candidate’s competitive advantage (and better chances for promotions) for national park ranger occupations:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Archaeology
  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice

As an ingredient of the application procedure, nominees must submit to the following:

  • Interview
  • Drug screening
  • Psychological assessment
  • Medical exam
  • History investigation

Wisconsin Park Ranger Training

Candidates need to finish basic police training that’s formally accepted by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board, because park rangers are accredited law enforcement officers. New rangers will be registered by the DNR for the school, which calls for a 520-hour class providing you with in-depth instruction on these issues:

  • Arrest techniques
  • Professional communication abilities
  • Emergency management, procedures, and vehicle driving
  • Firearms training
  • Self-defense
  • Wisconsin laws and statutes

Law enforcement training will probably be supplemented with special park ranger training that can prepare rangers that are new to effectively carry through their job responsibilities professionally.

Wisconsin Federal Park Ranger Requirements

Federal park ranger positions together within the auspices of the National Parks Service are likewise a viable choice in Wisconsin for those wanting to act as park rangers. These federal workers can be involved in combined operations with local and state law enforcement, while they mostly concentrate on handling federal wildlife areas in the state.

Becoming a federal park ranger, applicants should make sure to adhere to the following minimal conditions:

  • A Bachelor degree in a place of expertise associated with ranger obligations, or a minimum of one year of specialized experience in a related professional field, or an equal mixture of the two:
    • US citizenship
    • Have a driver’s license that is legal
    • Be competent to pass an emotional and medical assessment

Applications for all these opportunities may be accessed/downloaded through the federal government’s primary employment website.

Salary Information for Park Rangers in Wisconsin

Park Rangers in Wisconsin take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting the land of his or her state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Park Ranger in the state of Wisconsin makes a median salary of $53,550 per year.

Park Ranger Programs and Schools in Wisconsin

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Park rangers are responsible for protecting our parks and wilderness areas as well as guiding and educating the public. These duties are the same across the local, state, and national levels. Park rangers pursue degrees related to parks and recreation, environmental science, as well as law enforcement and criminal justice.