Becoming a Park Ranger with a Wildlife Ecology and Management Degree

park-ranger-wildlife-ecologyWildlife Ecology and Management Degree for Park Ranger provides you the comprehensive study of animal populations and how they relate to land management decisions.

A Bachelor Degree in Wildlife Ecology and Management (for Park Ranger) will offer you the opportunity to develop a firm foundation in basic science that will include biology and chemistry, while enhancing your knowledge of such critical areas as management, restoration, and conservation of wildlife. A Wildlife Ecology and Management Degree serves as a logical starting point for your career as a Park Ranger.

Subjects Studied within Wildlife Ecology and Management

  • Introduction to biotechnology
  • Land measurements and GPS
  • Introduction to Genomics
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Landscapes and ecosystems
  • Forest ecology
  • Field ornithology
  • Vegetation of North America
  • Natural resource policy
  • The natural resources professional
  • Field techniques

You will also gain invaluable knowledge with regards to the following topics:

  • Bolster private landowners in managing their lands in ecologically conscious ways.
  • Offer technology, training, and information in order to minimize damaging effects of wild animals on human health and safety and crops.
  • Collaborate with conservation organizations, as well as natural resource management agencies.
  • Promote and enhance the importance of wildlife resources on economy, quality of life, and outdoor recreation.
  • Facilitate youth education programs to enhance awareness of wildlife resources and important management.