How to Become a Park Ranger in Virginia

Have you been seeking information regarding Virginia park ranger training and degree requirements in order to advance your career? We have compiled some important information for you.

Park rangers provide support and protection to those in need while conducting other tasks including managing the property at 36 state parks in Virginia.

Virginia Park Ranger Education and Training

Park ranger occupations discovered through the Virginia Department of Recreation and Conservation require applicants to truly gain instruction that is useful for the position. Remember that gaining a higher degree, such as a Bachelor’s, will help your profession in the future and more than likely empower you to remain much more competitive than your peers. Majors that are related would span the following:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Forestry
  • Law Enforcement
  • Business Administration
  • Wildlife Management
  • Crime Scene Investigation

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Virginia Park Ranger Requirements

Nominees who have shown noted skills in the following areas are usually given preference:

  • Mechanical reparations
  • Running law enforcement security procedures
  • Customer support encounter
  • Teaching and training expertise

After being hired, candidates should make sure to have the following:

  • Driver’s License
  • CPR Certification

Determined by the exact position, one may be required to procure Water Operator Class 4 Certification.

Before employment is likely to be offered to them, applicants will also be required to get a comprehensive background investigation. All Virginia park ranger nominees need to maintain great physical, as well as mental, health without a criminal history of a serious nature.

There are a few general themes of park ranger training for most new workers, which cover areas for example:

  • Estimations and evaluations for projects
  • Logic and communicating
  • Techniques that are powerful
  • Cost-benefit analysis

An important section of training is concentrated on the unique function of a park ranger. Virginia park rangers possess various functions they’re able to pursue, like:

  • Law enforcement
  • Campground care
  • Boating and watercraft security patrols
  • Cultural presentation and interpretation
  • Trail patrol and care

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To get this, new rangers will have to possess A Preliminary Employment Form 21 is submitted by the Department of Conservation and Recreation and finish a 40-hour training class that features education on the following:

  • For medical procedures, First responder
  • Radar utilization
  • Firearm training
  • Driving techniques (high speed)

Different from your state-grade park ranger places, the National Parks Service also utilizes a team of park rangers in Virginia to handle national territory including Shenandoah National Park, and to work in cooperation. Applications for all these places can be completed through the primary national employment website, and nominees should fulfill a distinct pair of application demands:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree, an equal mixture of the two in a related subject area, or a year of specialized work experience
  • Pass a drug test, a health exam, and evaluation that is psychological

As with state-grade park ranger professions, national park rangers even have distinct regions of specialization. Training and added qualifications could be required to prepare for these, such as:

  • Advanced work experience or graduate-degree study

Salary Information for Park Rangers in Virginia

Park Rangers in Virginia take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting the land of his or her state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Park Ranger in the state of Virginia makes a median salary of $56,420 per year.

Park Ranger Programs and Schools in Virginia

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Park rangers are responsible for protecting our parks and wilderness areas as well as guiding and educating the public. These duties are the same across the local, state, and national levels. Park rangers pursue degrees related to parks and recreation, environmental science, as well as law enforcement and criminal justice.