How to Become a Park Ranger in Tennessee

Are you interested in gaining more information about Tennessee Park Ranger Training and Degree Requirements in order to further your career? We have compiled some helpful information for you here.

Tennessee has many amazing natural wonders, most namely the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, the most visited national park in the nation.

Nominees considering learning the best way to eventually become a park ranger in Tennessee can start the procedure through reviewing the essential hiring conditions for the places that are available. You can find typically more than 200 active park rangers at any particular time in Tennessee.

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Becoming a Park Ranger with Tennessee State Parks

Bachelor’s Degree and Additional Requirements

Park rangers must hold a four-year Bachelor’s degree as a fundamental prerequisite for employment.
Tennessee Park Ranger
There are special majors that have become important to this type of work, though a Bachelor’s degree in just about any major will satisfy the education requirement for being a park ranger:

  • Anthropology
  • Wildlife
  • Geology
  • Archaeology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Forestry

Another significant park ranger conditions for employment are:

  • Don’t have any felony convictions
  • Have an honorable discharge in the military, if appropriate
  • Be a US citizen who is at least 21-years-old


Applications for Tennessee park ranger occupations are completed online through the state’s Department of Human Resources. The application procedure can start by seeking among current job openings for park ranger positions that are vacant. You might be in a position to register to be notified when these occupations become available whether or not there are any posted vacancies for applicants at the moment.

Once an application is considered strong and is established to fulfill the minimum qualifications, the nominee will likely be reached to continue with the hiring procedure, which includes these elements:

  • Interview
  • Background investigation that is extensive
  • Fingerprint test
  • Physical exam that is medical
  • Evaluation that is psychological

Once the candidate has been hired, she or he will start an intensive park ranger training class at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy. Subjects covered will range from these significant areas:

  • Self defense
  • Firearms training
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Report writing
  • Chain of command
  • Defensive driving

Upon graduation from your school, you will be prepared to work at any of Tennessee’s 54 State Parks.

Tennessee Federal Park Rangers

Employment as a national park ranger using the National Parks Service is just another alternative for nominees that have an interest in employment as a ranger in Tennessee. Though the hiring procedure and the minimum conditions are much like state-level occupations, there really are a couple of noteworthy differences:

  • Applicants for these positions will need to have either a related Bachelor’s degree, such as among those recorded for state-level employment, or possess at least just one year of work experience that is pertinent and specialized. A mixture of specialized work schooling, as well as experience, also can be appropriate.
  • An application for federal employment as a park ranger using the National Parks Service may be completed online through the USA Jobs website.

There are 14 significant nationwide-designated sites in Tennessee that contain rivers, national battle fields, graveyards, and a lot of picturesque trails. National park rangers are granted the obligation of protecting these places when desired, while helping their state co-workers. Moreover, federal park rangers help handle national websites which include the Great Smoky Mountains.

Salary Information for Park Rangers in Tennessee

Park Rangers in Tennessee take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting the land of his or her state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Park Ranger in the state of Tennessee makes a median salary of $56,090 per year.

Schooling Information for Park Rangers in Tennessee

  • Criminal Justice, MA
  • Homeland Security, MA
Keiser University Graduate School
  • Homeland Security, AA
  • Criminal Justice, AA
  • Homeland Security, BA
Keiser University eCampus
  • DEM - Emergency Management
Capella University
  • BS - Criminal Justice
Capella University
  • MS - Cybersecurity
Capella University
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Public Administration
  • JM: American Legal Studies
  • JM: General
  • JM: Health Law
  • JM: International Legal Studies
  • JM: Special Student (Non-Degree Seeking) - Legal Studies
  • LLM: International Legal Studies
  • MPA: Law & Public Policy
  • MS: Criminal Justice
  • MS: Criminal Justice: Forensic Psychology
  • MS: Criminal Justice: Homeland Security
Liberty University - Online
  • PhD in Criminal Justice - Online Teaching in Higher Education
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) - Homeland Security
  • PhD in Criminal Justice - Emergency Management
  • PhD in Criminal Justice - Global Leadership
  • PhD in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Policy and Coordination
  • PhD in Criminal Justice - Law and Public Policy
  • PhD in Criminal Justice - Public Management and Leadership
Walden University
  • DBA - Criminal Justice
  • DBA - Homeland Security: Leadership & Policy
  • Doctor of Criminal Justice
Northcentral University
  • BSCJ – Law Enforcement
  • BSCJ – Juvenile Justice
  • BSCJ – Homeland Security
  • BSCJ – Forensic Psychology
  • BSCJ – Crime Scene Investigation
  • BS in Criminal Justice
  • MSCJ - Corrections
  • MSCJ - Global Issues in Criminal Justice
  • MSCJ - Law
  • MSCJ - Leadership/Executive Management
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Fire Science
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Associate of Applied Science in Public Safety and Security
  • Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Management
  • BS in Corrections
Purdue University Global
  • MS in Criminal Justice
  • MS in Criminal Justice: Advanced Counterterrorism & Homeland Security concentration
  • MS in Criminal Justice: Public Safety Administration concentration
Southern New Hampshire University - Online
  • Associate in Science Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with concentration in Criminology
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with concentration in Homeland Secu
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with concentration in Legal Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with concentration in Police Admini
  • BS Criminal Justice w/conc Human Services
  • BS Criminal Justice w/conc in Corrections
  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security with concentration in Secure Programming
Southern New Hampshire University - Online
  • AA: Criminal Justice
  • BA: Criminal Justice
  • BA: Criminal Justice - Criminalistics
  • BA: Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
Saint Leo University - Online
  • BS - Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration
  • Master - Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration
  • CTU - Criminal Forensics
Colorado State University - Global