How to Become a Park Ranger in South Carolina

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The state of South Carolina has a stunning landscape that contains such diversity ranging from the Atlantic Coast to the Blue Ridge Mountains. South Carolina has more than 80,000 acres of protected land.

South Carolina’s park rangers, under the guidance of the South Carolina State Park Service, are centered on the lofty aims of protecting. preserving, and interpreting natural and cultural resources. Inside the State Park Service, park rangers may work in several specialized areas, including the search and rescue team, although some function as law enforcement professionals.

A few of the most popular state parks in South Carolina are:

  • Croft State Park
  • Hickory Knob State Resort Park
  • Aiken State Park
  • Devils Fork State Park

South Carolina Park Ranger Job Duties

  • Collecting and accounting for sales/revenue
  • Instructing, supervising and performing preventative and regular care
  • Helping with park administrative responsibilities
  • Performing law enforcement actions according to Park Service policy
  • Helping with all the business, management, as well as maintenance of state parks
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South Carolina Game Warden Requirements

South Carolina Park Ranger Education

To be eligible to procure a park ranger occupation in South Carolina, applicants must possess one year of experience in a related area or an Associate’s degree in a related discipline such as park management.

The following is an inventory of degree programs that are considered relevant to become a park ranger:

  • Criminal justice
  • Public management
  • Sociology
  • Environmental science
  • Environmental engineering

Applicants can apply using the on-line system once a job opening is posted.

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South Carolina Park Ranger Training and Types of Special Functions

Park rangers may serve in many different capabilities (referred to as special function teams):

ATV Training

There are park rangers in South Carolina especially trained to use the parks to be traveled through by ATVs. These uniquely trained park rangers must prepare correctly by participating in riding lessons that are particular along with managing education. The ATV includes four hours of classroom teaching, along with a five-hour riding education class; among other things, rangers are going to figure out how to steer by way of several climate, challenges, and terrain.

Bike-Mounted Rangers

The bike-mounted plan was commenced more than a decade ago for rangers to depart their motorized vehicles parked and readily go throughout the parks, thus providing a feasible and environmentally conscious choice to the park ranger program. All bike-mounted rangers must complete a basic training class that leads to yearly certification and evaluation.

Ceremonial Corps

The State Park Service’s Ceremonial Corps was created to recognize the people that dedicated their lives to the state parks of the state. The Ceremonial Corps consists of 21 rangers and 4 team leaders who offer volunteer time in addition to ordinary park responsibilities. The team is coached in configuration and jobs such as marching, funeral detail, and flag folding.

Law Enforcement

The leading aim of law enforcement park rangers would be to protect resources and lives. Law enforcement park rangers are responsible for shielding the people and safeguarding resources and the parks in South Carolina.

Emergency Response Employees (ERP) is a special function team made to support SLED in a Governor-declared State of Emergency. Park rangers functioning in a law enforcement capacity must be properly trained and certified, as well as needing to be involved in yearly in-services, including subjects including the following:

  • Legal upgrades
  • Handcuffing
  • Defensive strategies
  • Policies
  • Firearms

Nation Park Service Park Rangers

Federal park rangers, through the National Park Service, serve as well as state park rangers. National sites in South Carolina managed by the National Park Service consist of ones such as the following:

  • Cowpens National Battlefield
  • Congaree National Park
  • Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
  • Kings Mountain National Military Park

Also, National Park Service park rangers must stick to the minimal prerequisites of the bureau:

  • Being fully a USA citizen
  • Have a driver’s license that is legal

The National Park Service has both cultural/interpretive and park rangers that are protective. Protective park rangers serve as law enforcement officials; therefore, they must adhere to several additional requirements, including having at least three years of expertise in a law enforcement capacity.

Salary Information for Park Rangers in South Carolina

Park Rangers in South Carolina take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting the land in South Carolina. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Park Ranger in the state of South Carolina makes a median salary of $53,370 per year.

Park Ranger Programs and Schools in South Carolina

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