How to Become a Park Ranger in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma has wonderful natural terrain that encompasses lakes, beautiful woods, and mountains for the thorough enjoyment through the state’s over fifty state parks.

Oklahoma’s Department of Recreation and Tourism manages the state parks as well as the employment/use of park rangers, ones that are in charge of patrolling the resort and park property, including applying rules, laws, and regulations in their designated region of responsibility. Oklahoma park rangers are instrumental in ensuring the well-being and the security of visitors to Oklahoma state parks annually.

Oklahoma Park Ranger Job Duties

  • Reports and preparing forms associated with day-to-day tasks; and investigations
  • Representing the Oklahoma Department of Recreation and Tourism during legal proceedings
  • Providing visitors with support
  • Ensuring compliance with established laws and regulations; for example, number of camping charges and fees for other tasks
  • Running investigations, making arrests, and confiscating contraband or illegal property
  • Helping officials and other law enforcement agencies, when needed
  • Developing procedures and policies associated with park ranger obligations and obligations, and providing training to staff
  • Patrolling regions that are designated and providing protection and security for staff and visitors
  • Supplying first aid support to visitors that are wounded
  • Educating visitors of cultural traditions

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Oklahoma Park Ranger Requirements

People who would like to find out the best way to eventually be a park ranger in Oklahoma should gain similar substantial expertise or some college education, plus they need to satisfy the minimal conditions for employment, including these facets:

  • Have an Oklahoma driver’s license that is valid during the time of appointment
  • Passing a strict background and character check
  • Being in sound physical and mental condition (as based on the screening procedure)

Oklahoma Park Ranger Education and Training

There are four levels for employment, based on the sophistication of the designated responsibilities, duty levels, as well as the degree of direction needed.

G (Salary Band)

The essential degree of employment for Oklahoma park rangers is Group G, which will be made for entry-level people in training. Their abilities are developed by people inside this salary band by effectively offering protection, security, and support to visitors.

Nominees must possess one among the following, to be eligible for park ranger work in Oklahoma at the Group G level:

A minimum of sixty semester hours of study from an approved university or college, including a minimum of twelve hours in at least of the following:

  • Park direction
  • Criminal justice
  • Outdoor recreation, OR:

• At least two years of expertise in park supervisory or recreation work, environmental sciences, or law enforcement


• A blend of expertise and instruction

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H (Salary Band)

Park rangers in Oklahoma who are in Group H possess the total selection of duties, including patrolling designated areas, applying rules and all applicable laws, and protecting people and property.

Candidates must possess one of the following:

A minimum of 90 semester hours of study from an approved university or college that includes a minimum of 18 hours in one of the following:

  • Criminal justice
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Park direction
  • Environmental science, OR:

• At least three years of expertise in park supervisory or recreation work, environmental sciences, or law enforcement


• A blend of expertise and instruction

I (Salary Band)

Park rangers in Wages Group I are in a leadership position, which translates to supplying direction while patrolling all aspects of the park to make sure the protection of property and people. Oklahoma park rangers in this salary group are often considered necessary to organize park ranger actions with other law enforcement agencies and to do investigations of major offenses.

People must have at least one among the following to reach Group I as a park ranger in Oklahoma:

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school or university, which contains at least 24 hours in just one of the following:

  • Park direction
  • Criminal justice
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Environmental science, OR

• At least four years of expertise in park supervisory or recreation work, environmental sciences, or law enforcement


• A blend of expertise and instruction

L (Salary Band)

The park ranger plan is overseen by Oklahoma park rangers in Group L on a statewide basis. These park rangers are in charge of developing procedures and policies, as well as proper security and law enforcement plans. Also, they are going to have to develop the budget for the park ranger plan.

Whatever the place, a feasible candidate with this occupation must stick to these demands:

  • Possess a state license
  • Pass a a medical exam, with a drug test, physical efficiency battery evaluation, as well as a background investigation

Nominees for federal park ranger positions must adhere to requirements for the salary level. This involves having at least 1 years of experience that is specialized at the level of GS-4 or a Bachelor’s degree from an approved university or college, with a minimum of twenty-four hours of coursework that is related:

  • Earth sciences
  • History
  • Anthropology
  • Natural sciences
  • Archaeology
  • Public management
  • Behavioral sciences
  • Sociology
  • Business administration

Candidates for park ranger occupations that are protective should also possess at least 36 months of National Park Service expertise law enforcement experience. Park rangers in a protective capability must have also successfully finished a seasonal law enforcement training curriculum within the past 36 months.

Salary Information for Park Rangers in Oklahoma

Park Rangers in Oklahoma take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting the land of Oklahoma. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Park Ranger in the state of Oklahoma makes a median salary of $50,700 per year.

Park Ranger Programs and Schools in Oklahoma

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