How to Become a Park Ranger in New Jersey

Have you been seeking information regarding New Jersey park ranger training and degree requirements to further your career? We have compiled some helpful information for you here.

The New Jersey State Park Police is responsible for managing the 54 parks in the state, woods and recreational places, along the 130 trust preserves that are natural. Park authorities in New Jersey manage at least 448,000 state acres and provide oversight for the minimum of 18 million individuals visiting this area each year.

The following are several state parks under management:

  • Liberty State Park
  • High Point State Park
  • Wharton State Forest
  • Cape May Point State Park
  • Island Beach State Park

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New Jersey Park Ranger Requirements

People who would like to work as New Jersey NPS park rangers must adhere to the strict requirements from the National Park Service:

  • Be a USA citizen
  • Have a valid state driver’s license
  • Satisfy the demands of the GS-5
  • Be 21 years old or older

Applicants for protective/law enforcement park ranger occupations must fulfill additional requirements, as these professionals function as accredited law enforcement officers.

One must complete a length of training, which will be arranged and managed by the NPS’ Learning and Development Centre.

New Jersey State park police officers work to maintain the safety and security of New Jersey via preventing crime, apprehending offenders, and enforcing all civil and criminal laws of New Jersey, including enforcing regulations in the parks. These professionals possess the same authority of law enforcement that is equivalent to police officers at each level through the state.

New Jersey Park Ranger Job Duties

Occupation responsibilities of the New Jersey park authorities range from the following (and others):

  • Patrolling with K9s
  • Supplying services to the people and knowledgeable support and courteous
  • Environmental emergency response
  • Patrol on foot, on bikes, and additional motorized vehicles
  • Helping County prosecutor offices in all 21 NJ counties using their Child Abduction Response Teams (CART)
  • Functioning within the NJ Coastal Evacuation Strategy for the Counties of Monmouth, Atlantic, Ocean, and Cape May
  • Reacting to public security crises

New Jersey Park Ranger Requirements

New Jersey Park Ranger Education

NPS park rangers, whether serving in a cultural/interpretive or a protective/law enforcement capacity, must adhere to the GS-5 degree demands; including having one or more of the following:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an approved/accredited school/university; also, a minimum of 24 semester credit hours in a subject related to the field, including (but not restricted to):
    • Museum sciences
    • Business administration
    • History
    • Police science/ law enforcement
    • Social science
    • Archaeology
    • Anthropology
    • Park and recreation administration
    • Public management; or
  • A minimum of 1 year of specialized experience comparable to the level GS4 that is federal; or
  • A variety of expertise and education

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New Jersey Park Ranger Training

Becoming a Park Ranger with New Jersey’s Department of Forestry and Parks

State Park Police Office Trainee Conditions

Satisfying the prerequisites to become a State Park Police officer trainee better serves someone seeking to be a New Jersey State park police officer.

Throughout this 12-months of training, recruits will be taught the basic principles of these responsibilities:

  • Supplying public support
  • Nurturing the protection of nature as well as physical resources at marinas, historic sites, recreation areas, woods, all state parks, and botanical gardens
  • Working cooperatively with the people
  • Applying regulations and laws affecting the direction and the protection of safety and the health of historical and natural resources and men and women

New Appointee Training Conditions

Following the successful conclusion of the training program, certification is received by trainees and they will be deemed law enforcement officers. All new candidates are additionally required to delve with success into a Division training class that features study in these subjects:

  • National protection
  • Regulations, rules, policies, and processes for forest fires
  • Communicating and team building abilities
  • Ethnic diversity
  • Preservation/protection of historical and natural resources
  • Wildlife and fish rules, regulations, policies, and processes
  • Natural properties direction
  • Customer service

Candidates must satisfy all qualifications for firearms, as well.

Minimal Conditions for Employment

Qualifications for officer trainee for State Park Police include:

  • Graduate from a vocational school or a high school or possess a high school equivalency
  • Be a USA citizen
  • Have a NJ driver’s license (valid)*

Applicants who reach a place on the eligible list are expected to pass a comprehensive psychological and medical examination.

Salary Information for Park Rangers in New Jersey

Park Rangers (or State Park Police) in New Jersey take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting the land of New Jersey. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average state park police professional in the state of New Jersey makes a median salary of $72,930 per year.

For information on employment opportunities for state park police in New Jersey, please spend time on the site for the State of New Jersey Civil Service Commission. This is where you will directly apply for jobs. The Civil Service Commission handles the hiring for the important position of State Park Police.

Through the Civil Service Commission, New Jersey’s public employees effectively develop their careers. This is your opportunity for making life better for the people of New Jersey. A career in public service will allow you to be a part of making New Jersey a good place to live for you and your family.

Park Ranger Programs and Schools in New Jersey

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