Becoming a U.S. Park Ranger

What Education Do I Need?

Depending on the type of park ranger you want to be depends on the education you obtain. For example, to become a law enforcement park ranger, in most cases you will need to attend a police academy. Additionally, many park ranger jobs require a bachelor’s degree.

What Education Should I Consider?

Consider a bachelor’s degree program in forestry or a related field. This will increase your desirability to employers and play a factor in the level you can enter into the profession.

What Does a Park Ranger Do?

Depending on the park ranger, they will often have different types of duties. For example, a wildlife park ranger is mainly responsible for preserving the ecosystems, while a law enforcement park ranger is mainly responsible for keeping parks safe and free of criminal activity. In addition to physically maintaining the parks, most park rangers are also very active in the day to day administration of parks.

What Is the Job Market Like for Park Rangers?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the majority of forestry professionals and conservation scientists work for the government on the federal, state and local levels ( For this reason, the vast majority of job growth for park rangers is in government jobs.

What Is the Pay Like for Park Rangers?

As with most occupations, the amount of compensation you can earn as a park ranger depends on the position you hold. As of May 2015, with pay in the 25th-75th percentile range, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported the following below:

Wildlife Biologists made $47,950-$75,040.
Foresters made $47,350-$70,660
Fish and Game Wardens made $42,750-$64,870.

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