How to Become a Park Ranger in Arizona

When looking for information on how to work as a park ranger in Arizona, keep in mind the Arizona Park Ranger Training and Degree Requirements. Here, we have compiled a lot of relevant information to help you on your path.

Park Rangers in Arizona possess the specific responsibility for protecting and maintaining up to 30 state parks and natural places through the state. Arizona state parks have many needs and are varied.

Fundamental Duties of Park Rangers in Arizona

  • Helping injured or missing hikers
  • Provide exceptional customer service, socializing with park guests
  • Offering visitors advice
  • Conduct tours
  • Being/working outside and caring for nature
  • Collecting environmental data on plant and wildlife populations
  • Performing firefighting responsibilities and law enforcement, including collecting use license fees and gear sales, and performing property care
  • Educating people about area

One of the prominent landmarks of Arizona is:

The Arizona Park Ranger and the National Parks Service

  • They need to keep a present state-issued driver’s license.
  • They have to pass a medical/physical examination, which includes having the ability to lift 50 lbs.

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Some park ranger work in the state of Arizona will mandate that people hold a certification. The certificate prerequisites for Peace Officer are:

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Must have the ability to pass background check free of felony convictions
  • Must submit to polygraph assessment
  • When hired for law enforcement jobs, Arizona’s Park Rangers must finish a 17-week basic training school.

Arizona Park Ranger Requirements

Arizona Park Ranger Education and Training Requirements

The state of Arizona doesn’t have minimal education requirements delegated to park ranger places. But remember, when it comes to employment opportunities and future career advancement it is important to achieve some level of higher education.

Here are a few related majors to contemplate:

  • Parks and Rec.
  • Forestry
  • Natural science
  • Criminal Justice

Those people who are brought to park ranger professions can consider trying to get places using the U.S. National Park Service in Arizona.

While precise requirements may change somewhat, with respect to the locations, national park rangers must fulfill the following conditions:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Ability to pass security investigation/background check
  • Must possess or have the capacity to get yourself a state issued driver’s license
  • Must pass pre-employment medical exam and medicine screening

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Moreover, national park rangers have to stick to specialized expertise and instruction prerequisites. Generally, these demands include the following:

Will be asked to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university; a minimum of a single year of graduate work associated with work experience is preferred.


Specialized expertise that presents abilities and relevant wisdom, including work as software specialist or teacher, a park guide, conservation work, preservation or forestry expert, or work as law enforcement officer.


A mix of expertise and instruction. The PEB tests the following:

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Test of body fate percentage

Park Rangers for County Parks and Arizona Cities

Arizona comes with an on-going dependence on park rangers on the national and state level, not simply on the local level.

Park Rangers in city of Phoenix are acknowledged in the United States as some of the more advanced urban park rangers. Park rangers manage 35,000 acres of desert mountain parks and preserves while conserving the land and managing natural resources. These top-notch rangers offer law enforcement support and oversight.

City of Phoenix park rangers possess a distinctive selection of responsibilities:

  • Supervising volunteers
  • Special occasions
  • Hiking patrol
  • General care
  • Trail building
  • Environmental education

Salary Information for Park Rangers in Arizona

Park Rangers in Arizona take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting the land of his or her state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Park Ranger in the state of Arizona make a median salary of $56,490  per year.

Park Ranger Programs and Schools in Arizona

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Park rangers are responsible for protecting our parks and wilderness areas as well as guiding and educating the public. These duties are the same across the local, state, and national levels. Park rangers pursue degrees related to parks and recreation, environmental science, as well as law enforcement and criminal justice.