How to Become a Park Ranger in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Park Ranger

Are you interested in learning more about Rhode Island Park Ranger Training and Degree Requirements for career advancement? We have compiled some important information for you here.

Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management remains focused on the preservation of Rhode Island’s natural systems, as well as the on-going health and safety of its own residents.

Rhode Island Park Ranger Job Duties

  • Patrol the State Parks
  • Help visitors
  • Promote security inside the state’s seashores and parks
  • Prepare visitors

Rhode Island Park Ranger Occupations with the National Park Service

Along with state park ranger work in Rhode Island, national park ranger occupations may be also pursued by people using the National Park Service. Federal park rangers in Rhode Island manage other famous sites, as well as national parks in the state.

Education and Experience for Rhode Island for Park Rangers

Although education and experience requirements vary for park ranger jobs with the National Park Service, entry-level requirements are comparable to those at the federal pay level. This includes having candidates hold either one year of specialized experience at the level of GS-4, or a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college, in addition to a minimum of 24 semester hours of germane coursework in areas such as the following:

  • Museum sciences
  • Business administration
  • Law enforcement/police science
  • History
  • Natural resource management
  • Natural sciences
  • Park and recreation direction
  • Earth sciences
  • Social sciences

People are also able to qualify if they possess  the right variety of expertise and instruction.

Park ranger occupations in the national level are generally focused either on protective services or cultural (interpretive) services. People applying for park ranger occupations that are protective must conform to yet another group of demands, that may comprise at least 36 months of expertise within the National Park Service or at a capacity of law enforcement.


Training for protective park ranger occupations may happen in the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia, with added training for most national park rangers occurring at among the subsequent National Park Service’s Learning and Development Centers:

  • Horace Albright Training Center in the Grand Canyon
  • Historic Preservation Training Center in Frederick, Maryland
  • Stepehen Mather Training Center in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Park Ranger Jobs

Park rangers in Rhode Island can be utilized in a variety of capacities:

Park Ranger I

  • Has regular contact with the public
  • Shore facilities and patrols parks to detect and report infractions of regulations and rules
  • Encourages the safe enjoyment of park facilities
  • Inspects facilities to test for equipment failures and issues of maintenance
  • Performs maintenance jobs

Park Ranger II

  • Security and patrol functions, supplies protective value
  • Interacts with people
  • Helps and protects park visitors
  • Encourages the safe enjoyment of beaches and parks
  • Inspects facilities for equipment failures and care issues
  • Performs light maintenance responsibilities

Park Ranger III

  • Functions as shift manager
  • Manages administrative responsibilities
  • Finishes reports and documenting processes
  • Reviews reports involving action on designated shifts

Learning to be a Park Ranger with the Rhode Island Division of Parks and Diversion

Candidates for these occupations will give themselves a distinct advantage when obtaining an official degree in a related area at the Associate Degree or Bachelors’s Degree level; although these degrees are not a prerequisite for attaining employment as park ranger:

  • Environmental science
  • Public management
  • Business administration
  • Police science
  • Natural sciences
  • Earth sciences
  • Sociology

Applicants chosen for an interview must complete the Criminal Record Auxiliary form for the conclusion of an all-inclusive background investigation.

First training for Rhode Island park rangers will contain facets for example training in first aid and CPR certification training.

Salary Information for Park Rangers in Rhode Island

Park Rangers in Rhode Island take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting the land of his or her state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Park Ranger in the state of Rhode Island makes a median salary between 30,000 and 60,000 per year.

Schooling Information for Park Rangers in Rhode Island

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
South University, Online
  • Criminal Justice - Bachelor
Baker College Online
  • M.S. in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement
Grand Canyon University
  • DEM - Emergency Management
Capella University
  • BS - Criminal Justice
Capella University
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Human Services / Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement
  • A.S. in Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Emergency Management & Homeland Security
Post University Online
  • BS - Criminal Justice Technology
New England Institute of Technology
  • DBA - Criminal Justice
  • DBA - Homeland Security: Leadership & Policy
Northcentral University
  • MBA - Criminal Justice
  • MBA - Homeland Security
Northcentral University
  • MS in Criminology
  • BS in Criminology
Regis University- Online
  • Master of Science in Criminal/Social Justice
Lewis University - Online
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Information Assurance
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Network Forensics and Intrusion Investigation
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Cyber Operations
  • Masters in Financial Crime and Compliance Management
  • MBA Economic Crime and Fraud Management
  • MS Cybersecurity - Intelligence
  • MS Cybersecurity - Computer Forensics
  • MS Cybersecurity - Cyber Operations
Utica College - Online
  • AA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Criminal Justice - Criminalistics Specialization
  • BA in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Specialization
Saint Leo University - Online
  • BS - Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration
  • Master - Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration
  • CTU - Criminal Forensics
Colorado State University - Global